Horse Racing


Bets on horseracing are governed by the following, in the order of precedence they appear: (1) these terms and conditions, (2) the South African Bookmaker Operational Rules, and (3) Tattersall’s Rules of Betting.

An official announcement made by the respective gambling and racing board or Tattersall′s (with the gambling and racing board′s announcement taking precedence in the event of an announcement by both bodies) will govern the settlement of bets should a situation arise not covered by these rules.

In the event of an incorrect price being shown by PLAYA, bets will be settled at the correct price at the time the bet was struck or at SP, whichever is greater.  PLAYA reserves the right to adjust board prices.

Ante-Post Betting:

An ante-post bet is a bet that is accepted on a future event before the final field is declared.  In the event that the event is postponed or rescheduled due to the weather or other outside influences, then all ante-post bets shall stand.  If a runner does not participate in the race or event for any reason, then bets wagered on this runner will be considered as a losing bet.  These races or events may be referred to as “all-in run or not” events and no deductions will apply from scratching’s in such events or races.

Ante-post bets will be considered void if the race is officially abandoned, or if the conditions of the race or race venue have been changed.  Multiple bets with such selections will be paid out on the remaining selections within the multiple bet.

Ante-Post Bet Limits – Before 10am of Race Day:

  • Single Bet 1st Timer – R5,000 at the price
  • Single Bet – R10,000 at the price
  • Double Bet – R20,000 at the price
  • Treble Bet - R20,000 at the price
  • Quad + Bet – R30,000 at the price
  • Multiple Bet Including 1st Timer – Half the above limits at the price

*Any bet to win over R2000 needs to be authorized by the manager on duty to be valid. More is available on request and must be authorized by the Head Trader on 0873546333 extension 0 to be valid.

Ante-Post Bet Limits – After 10am of Race Day:

  • Single Bet 1st Timer – R10,000
  • Multiple Bet Including 1st Timer – R10,000
  • Single Bet – R30,000
  • Double Bet – R100,000
  • Treble Bet – R150,000
  • Quad Bet – R250,000
  • Five Plus Bet – R500,000

*Any bet to win over R5000 on a first timer or any other bet to win over R20000 needs to be authorized by the Head Trader on 0873546333 extension 0. More is available on request and must be authorized by the Head Trader on 0873546333 extension 0 to be valid.

Feature Race Multiples:

If betting is available for the same horse in two separate events/races, and punters wish to take a multiple involving the same selection, then the multiple will be reduced by 1/3 of the full accumulated odds.  For example, if Jackson to win the Durban July is priced at 1/1 and Jackson to win the Gold Cup is priced at 15/10, then the full accumulated odds for the multiple will be 4/1.  Due to the selection being related, the full accumulated odds will be reduced by 33% and your Double price will now be 27/10.

Withdrawals, Scratching’s, and Abandoned Races:

If a horse is withdrawn from a race and it is yet to come under starter’s orders, the horse will be treated as a non-runner and a deduction will be applied.  The deduction will be applied to all fixed odds bets taken prior to the processing of the scratching by PLAYA.  The same deduction will apply to starting price bets should there be insufficient time for new market betting to be released.  For multiple bets, a deduction will be applied to the runner of the event where the scratching occurred, and the entire bet will be re-calculated in respect of the event from which the horse was scratched.  Bets taken after PLAYA has processed the deduction and once new market betting has become available, are not subject to the deduction unless a further scratching occurs.  The below table will be used by PLAYA to determine the deduction applicable. 

If a race or racing event is abandoned, then all bets “with a run” on the race card shall be void and refunded.

Starting Price:

The starting price of a horse will be set as the last official fixed price offered or laid by PLAYA on the horse in question before the start of the race.  Starting price bets are subject to a deduction if there is a late withdrawal from the race and no new betting is displayed or introduced to the market. 

The Jockey championship:

The winner of the jockey championship is the jockey which has ridden the most winners within the championship period.  The winner of the British Flat Jockeys Championship is the jockey which has ridden the most winners on flat and all-weather tracks during the championship period.  Please note that dead-heat rules apply.

Match Races:

For match races, the match winner will be deemed as the horse that finishes in the highest position according to the official race results.  Both horses must come under starter’s orders or bets will be void.  PLAYA reserves the right to change the horse in a match race without notice and reserves the right to suspend betting at any time.  In hurdle/jump races, horses that come under starter’s orders are considered runners.  Should only one horse complete the race, then this horse will be declared the winner.  Bets will only be void if both runners do not finish the race.

Fixed Odds Places:

The following applies to fixed odds place betting: (1) No fixed odds place bets will be accepted if there are 3 runners or less in the race.  All place bets in this instance will be void. (2) Normal dead heat rules and deductions apply to fixed odds place bets.  (3) All fixed odds place bets are subject to 6% betting tax.  (4) Reserve runners do not qualify as carded runners.

Please note that if there are 4-6 carded runners and scratching’s occur resulting in there being 3 carded runners:  Places will stand and pay 2 places if a deduction applies.  If no deduction applies for the scratching’s, then all bets will be void.

The below table shows the amount of places paid as deemed by the amount of carded runners. The amount of runners is the official amount that are declared runners once the race starts.

Open Places:

For South African race meetings, if there are 7 or less official runners in a race, all open place bets will be void regardless of whether they are winning or losing bets.  Multiple bets will stand and the selection will be treated as a non-runner.  In a race of 8-15 runners, 3 places will apply whereas in a race of 16 or more runners, 4 places will apply.

For International race meetings, bets will be offered and accepted on international events as determined by the applicable TAB rules in respect of each event.  If a race has below the minimum amount of runners, all open place bets will be void regardless of whether they are winning or losing bets.  Multiple bets will stand and the selection will be treated as a non-runner. 

Dead Heats:

A dead-heat will be declared should 2 or more horses cross the finish line at exactly the same time.  For winning straight and multiple bets, stake money will be divided by the number of winners and full odds paid on the reduced stake.  The remainder of the stake is lost.  In winning multiple bets where two races result in dead heats, the punter shall win the odds to one quarter of the stake and lose the other three quarters, and so on for further dead heats.

The above dead heat rule may apply in other sporting codes such as, but not restricted to: darts, golf, athletics and soccer.