Abandoned Matches/Retirements:

If the player retires before match has been started, all bets will be void.

In case of an interruption of a tennis match, all bets are valid until the match is finished or official winner is announced.

If the player retires after the match has started, all settled bets are valid for all bets completed by the moment of interruption. Match winner bets however are void.

For selections “Wins First Set” and “Number of Sets”, the achieved result is valid if it is known at the moment of interruption (e.g. if the interruption occurs in the 2nd set, the result of “Wins First Set is valid”, etc). If a bet is not achieved, then these bets become void.  Match winner bets are void.

Set Prices:

Winning bets must predict the exact score between the players. The full number of sets required to win the match must be achieved for set betting bets to stand, otherwise bets will be void. In the event of a change in the official total number of sets played in the match, all bets will be void.

Tournament Prices:

Winning bets must predict the winner of the tournament. Refer to Ante Post bets.