Final result of the baseball match can be achieved:

-Full time including extra inning

-Prior to the end of the 9th inning, if officials decide to shorten the match

If Baseball match ends a draw, winner related bets are canceled and stakes are returned.


Final result – General winner rule applies.


Total points (entire match, innings) - General totals rule applies.


Even/odd – General even/odd rule applies.


First Inning - Customer places bet on outcome of the first inning.

I1 - Home win

IX - Draw

I2 - Away win


First 5 Innings - Customer places bet on result after first full 5 innings are played.

V1 - Home lead

VX - Draw

V2 - Away lead


Last time to score - Customer places bet on:

1 - Home last to score

2 - Away last to score


Run first inning - Customer places bet on total points scored in first inning


Extra Inning - Customer places bet on whether or not there will be extra inning in the match.


Score first and win - Customer places bet on whether or not any team will score first point and win the match.


Winner & Totals - General double/multiple bet rule applies.


Handicap – General handicap rule applies.