Standard Bank Instant Money

Standard Bank Instant Money

You can withdraw your winnings from any Standard Bank ATM with Standard Bank Instant Money. It is free to withdraw with Standard Bank Instant Money and you do not need to have a Standard Bank account to use this option.

To withdraw with Standard Bank Instant Money:

1. Log into your online account and select My Account

2. Select Deposit and Withdrawal

3. Select the Withdrawal button

4. Choose Standard Bank Instant Money

5. Enter the amount to withdraw. The minimum amount is R100 and the Maximum amount is R3000. Daily withdraw limit is R3000 and maximum monthly withdrawal limit is R25000.

6. Enter your cell phone number linked to your betting account

7. Click submit to confirm your withdrawal

8. Follow the instructions on the confirmation SMS to access your funds. You will receive a voucher and a pin.

9. Visit a Standard Bank ATM, selected SPARS, Choppies, Game, Builders, Makro, Rhino Cash & Carry or Cambridge Food Stores to withdraw your winnings.