What is FAST BET?

You can create your ticket online and instead of placing the bet online, you can FAST BET the ticket and place the bet in a Playa betting shop.

KENO BSM - Lucky Numbers

80 balls are drawn from a drum, ranging from 1 to 80. In each draw, 20 balls are drawn from the drum.

What are the Specials and where can I find them?

Specials are unique sports bets which are not common or bets which may not happen weekly.

How can I play a system ticket?

Select your matches / events, then in the bet slip select "system", then your desired system, enter the amount and click on "submit".

How do you calculate multiple system signs?

Double signs, triple signs, quadruple signs – are a type of system bet where you place different bets on the same match (two in double, three in triple...) where double or triple signs can be used in each of the stated system types. 

How do I calculate a system ticket?

Each combination is practically a smaller ticket for as many pairs as the player required for minimum hits in the system

Where can I see the selected pairs?

Selected pairs can be seen in the bet slip option.

Can I cancel my bet that I placed online?

It is not possible to cancel a ticket after you click the submit button.

What is an Empty Bet?

Empty Bet is a form of betting where you can select any sports bet of your choice, even if the bet is not available on the site at the time of requesting.

How does Empty Bet benefit me?

Empty Bet allows you the customer to bet on absolutely any sporting event or selection even if it is not advertised on our site

How do I place an Empty Bet?

In order to bet on an Empty Bet login to our site. Click on the Empty Bet button.

I did not receive the odds when I filled the Empty Bet form?

Check whether your bet already exists in the standard offer or in-play betting.

What do I do if I receive odds 0.01 on an Empty Bet?

In most cases the operator shall return the ticket stating what should be corrected.

Lucky Numbers

We offer over 100 Lucky Number games per week from official lottery draws all around the world.